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We Manufacture the Bio-Pure

We Build It Ltd, are the company who manufacture the Bio-Pure.  We are not agents, we are not a depot and we are not part of any other company.  Our factory is based in Shropshire, where we manufacture the Bio-Pure sewage treatment systems.



The Bio-Pure can be used for intermittent use

The Bio-Pure can be turned off, if used in such circumstances as a holiday let.  A timer can be used to make this easier.



The Bio-Pure is inexpensive to run

The Bio-Pure does require electricity to run, but this is very inexpensive.  Details of how much the Bio-Pure generally runs to cost can be found on the page 'Running Costs'.  It is also a consideration when purchasing a sewage treatment plant, to ask the manufacturer prices on consumable parts. We believe we offer the most competitive prices on consumable parts.



It is simple and effective because it has no moving parts

The Bio-Pure works because it is based on a fit and forget basis.  There are no moving parts on the unit, so it can not break down.  The only part that could break down is the air pump, and you are covered by a 2 year warranty.  You are also covered by a 25 year warranty on the GRP.  We offer this guarantee because we only use high quality materials and have vast experience of over 20 years in the GRP trade.

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