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Standard Installation excluding high water table areas and Bio-Pure 6-10

Installing the Bio-Pure is quick and easy.  This can be self installed and we offer free telehone support.  If preferred, we offer a full installation service. Please fill out the quotation form if you would like a quote for supply and installation.

Installation Diagram

Please see the installation diagram below for simple instructions on how to install the Bio-Pure.  Full written instructions can be found via the link at the bottom of the page.


1) The Bio-Pure should be at least 7m from a dwelling and not too close to trees, because of the roots.



2) Excavate a hole 1.7m deep by 1.85 m wide using a digger. Ensure the hole is narrower at the bottom.


3) Lower the Bio-Pure into the ground using the digger.  Install anchoring kit now, if required. 



4) Dig the appropriate depth hole for the inlet invert and make the connection. Ensure the unit is level.



5) Backfill the unit to approx. 700mm, using pea gravel. Partly fill the unit with water.



6) Make the outlet connection (via sample chamber if necessary). Complete backfill and filling with water.


7) Make the electrical connection from an RCD and use a double outside socket.



8) Sit back and relax! 


Click here to view the full installation instructions.

If you are in a high water table area please see the following link:

High Water Table Supplement


*Please note that installation of the Bio-Pure 6-10 range is slightly different due to being a twin unit.

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