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Optional extras and spares

The Bio-Pure comes complete with all air hoses and air pump.  However, We Build It Ltd realises that not all sites are the same and we offer a range of options allowing the Bio-Pure to be adapted for any invert level whilst still allowing proper access for servicing.  We also offer the option of multiple inlets meaning, on small developments the number of unsightly man holes is restricted.  

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Pumped outlet

If you are unable to get a gravity feed from your outlet to your intended discharge, you may require a pumped outlet.  We are able to offer this on any unit, but we must be aware of the pumped outlet at the time of ordering. The pumped outlet is available at an additional cost of £400 + VAT.

Multiple inlet

pic177      pic178


Invert extensions available

The Bio-Pure can meet any invert level with the various extensions available, and they are ideal if you are on a flood plain as they prevent water from entering the tank and flooding your unit


  500mm body extension                     £395 +VAT
  1m body extension                            £790 +VAT



neckext  100mm neck extension                  £50   +VAT

  200mm neck extension                  £60   +VAT

  300mm neck extension                  £80   +VAT

  400mm neck extension                  £90   +VAT

  500mm neck extension                  £110 +VAT


Ground anchoring kit

This is an ideal and cheaper alternative to using concrete in a high water table


  Ground Anchoring Kit            £120 +VAT







 A Bio-Pure being installed with the ground anchoring kit


 This is simple and effective







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